My name is Nolen Johnson, I’m a OT/Hardware Security Consultant at the cyber-security firm DirectDefense, Inc. I work in the Connected Systems division, which focuses on hardware security, OT/SCADA/ICS enviorment security, and firmware security.

I’m originally from Burnsville, MN, but currently live in Orlando, FL.

I am very passionate about hardware hacking, and security research on IoT and mobile devices. Sometimes cool things come out of my research, other times I just write up a narrative of the various things I tried on a device.

I will be posting 4 main types of content here:

  • Vulnerabillity research and disclosure narratives with accompanying exploit releases
  • Open ended research papers, usually vulnerability research that didn’t pan out
  • My thoughts on, breakdowns of, and findings related to public exploits
  • Random how-to’s/educational writeups

Contact me

Personal Email: johnsonnolen@gmail.com
Work Email: njohnson@directdefense.com
LinkedIn: nolenjohnson
Telegram: @npjohnson
Twitter: @nolenjohnson